Adriana Soto

She is an educator by profession, certified in Positive Discipline in the Classroom and Play Therapy (ESDM).

At MindEd, she works closely with parents and other specialists so that each child develops social and independence skills. She also provides, to each one,
tools that allow you to express your inner world in an assertive and appropriate way to your environment, through individual and group play.

She is currently Co-Director of Cleverest Early Education Costa del Este, where her main functions include guiding preschool teachers and providing support to families in the adaptation processes,
behavioral modeling and at different stages of their children’s development. This is effectively done from a loving, respectful and positive parenting lens.

Daily experience has allowed him to observe from very close how children are capable of building their own knowledge,
elevate their abilities and power them up incredibly quickly. Each child does it in their own unique way and does it in their own time. Adriana is a specialist in using games as an essential tool in child development.

Gloria de Hoyos

Gloria is a student in the process of graduating from the Psychopedagogy Career. She has experience since she was 19 years old working at The Hebrew Academy of Panama and managing her own Instagram account @gloriadehoyos_psicopedagogi where she provides information to parents and tutoring services for children with learning difficulties.
He exercised his role as a practicing psychologist at the Jose Dolores Moscote school.

He has also participated in various seminars that address issues of neuroplasticity, positive discipline, ADHD, among others.

He currently works at Cleverest Early Education as a teacher.

She lived in Ireland, where he took classes at SEDA College and obtained an English language study diploma. She loves children and the Psychopedagogy career.

Its objective is that children enjoy experiential learning, connect with their emotions and develop their cognitive skills for the correct internalization of knowledge.

Themis Tam

Clinical psychologist of children and adolescents.
Themis has a degree in psychology and is currently completing a master’s degree in clinical child and adolescent psychology. She is passionate about working with children and being steeped in the latest developments in the world of education. She currently works as a preschool teacher,
that daily is an experience that fills her enormously. Working with children between the ages of 1 and 5 has allowed her to know and learn a little more about the world of childhood, and has renewed her ability to connect with the needs and strengths of these little ones.
His interest is focused on everything that has to do with learning. This has led her to delve deeper with certifications from Positive Parenting Discipline and Encouragement Consulting, by Lynn Lott.

She now also works with the MindEd team, in which she works to reinforce both social and emotional skills to children,
girls and adolescents. It works with small groups providing them with useful communication tools, self-control strategies and comprehensive support for the development of each member.

Themis Tam


Ana Isabel Nuñez

Anita is a graduate student of psychology and, since before starting her career, she has maintained a special interest in the educational area. She has completed internships in different educational centers such as the José Antonio Remón Cantera School and the Fundación ¡Supérate! Provision. She is currently specializing in the Early Start Denver Model, focused on providing targeted care to children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Ana Isabel Nuñez